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3 Ways To Help Your HVAC Airflow

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There are a lot of potential fail point when it comes to central HVAC. This can often make it difficult to diagnose your problem. Some HVAC problems can be fixed with a simple DIY repair, while others will need to be professionally serviced by licensed technicians. Half the battle is correctly identifying and diagnosing your problem. One of the most common problems with HVAC systems is reduced airflow. This article explains a couple of common causes of that airflow and how to find and fix them:

Adjust Your Registers for Maximum Efficiency

You might be experiencing reduced airflow simply because the right registers are not opened or closed. For instance, if you have noticed that your bedroom no longer gets great airflow, a simple explanation could be that somebody in another room opened up their register, diverting the air away from your room.

Having your registers properly arranged is key to good, efficient air flow throughout your house. That is, your home will not experience the same heating and cooling from the room to room. One side of your house might be consistently much warmer than the other side. It might take some trial, error, and testing to figure out the best configuration. Nonetheless, some people think that there is a problem with their air pump or duct system when all they really need to do is adjust the various registers throughout their home.

Cleaning the Inside of the Registers

Another common problem with airflow has to do with the registers. Dirty registers are a little bit tricky to see because the dirt is on the backside, within the wall. You might be able to use a flashlight to peer into the register to see if there is clogging between the individual vents. However, the best way to figure out if there is an issue is to simply remove your registers from the wall. Most registers are attached with just two small bolts that you can remove with a handheld screwdriver. While you are cleaning the registers, you should also make sure there is no severe clogging within your ducts.

Cleaning the Air Filter

A dirty air pump or furnace filter can also result in reduced airflow. Changing the air filter is one of the simplest jobs you can do. Most air filters cost less than $30 and they are available at any home improvement store.

These are some of the most common and easily fixed airflow issues in residential HVAC systems. Contact a company like CLIMATE CONTROL LTD for more information and assistance.